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All business small or big have a number of compliance requirements including:

  • Anti Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Financing
  • Security Industry complying with State and Federal Requirements
  • Hospitality and Liquor Licensing Compliance
  • Work health safety
  • Human Resources

CIRT clients have access to a number documents including:






A policy is a high level document that states what the organisation would like to achieve or is committed to achieving. It provides guidance and general direction without providing specific how to information.







Standard Operating Procedure

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) provide the organisations procedures on how general administrative practises and processes will be carried out. For example, disciplinary procedures provide a framework or process to follow but do not define exactly what to do as every situation is different and requires various other information before a correct decision can be made.






Safe Work Procedures

Safe Work Procedures (SWP) are developed consultatively to guide staff in how to safely use a specific piece of equipment or undertake particular set of tasks. All personnel must be trained in the SWP and follow it at all times. CIRT provides a number of SWP's that can be signed off and reported on by company, employee or individual.




Forms, Checklists and Registers

Forms, Checklists and Registers have been developed to standardise reporting and managing workplace information.

Forms generally require the input of information about an incident or request that needs to be notified to management.

Checklists are generally used to check that something has been completed or that a predetermined process or quantity of items is correct.

Registers provide a selection of data on the implementation of a process or manage a series of items such as plant and equipment or manage part of a system for example, electrical testing.




Does your organisation provide safety images or posters in the workplace to encourage safe work practices?


C.I.R.T can provide you with a number a tailored or posters to warn and remind staff of their WHS responsibilities.

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