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Induction is an important part of our responsibilities to our new staff and contractors to ensure they understand the safety features of where they work and the required policy and procedures. This knowledge will  assist them to be safe in the workplace and become an effective member of our team.

There are three components to the induction.


Stage 1: Orientation

Orientation is conducted by the relevant manager of the new staff member.

Orientation requires the respective manager to select the  induction checklist and show the new staff member around the workplace and introduce them to key staff and other managers.

As the key items are shown to the staff member the appropriate section will be initialled on the checklist.  When the orientation is completed the staff member will be sent to payroll to complete the next stage.




Stage 2: General Induction 

The next stage of the induction process is the online induction. A username and password will be provided to the new user to log in.

The online induction procedure will provide the new staff member with key policy and procedues that they will need to be aware of when working throughout the organisation.

At the end of each key area of the induction will be a selection of questions to ensure the staff member has retained the critical information.




The staff member is required to obtain an 80 percent pass in all areas. (This can be changed depending on the organisations requirements). 


At the completion of the questions the new staff member will receive a rating for the section and sent an email of the answers they provided along with confirmation of the correct answer.


If incorrect the answers they  have provided  and also the correct answer is displayed. 



Stage 3: Area Specific Induction

The final stage of the induction is the completion of the specific units or topics relevant to the job roll the new staff member is undertaking. 

For example administration or workshop. They will then complete the relevant unit relevant to their area of work.

Once this this completed the results will emailed direct to the relevant manage who will then ensure they are further orientated and shown the specific areas and hazards of the section they will be working in. 

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