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Legislation  requires the reporting of hazards, injuries, maintenance, consultation with staff and many other requirements.

CIRT provides a simple way to complete a number of your organisations reporting requirements.

The system will enable you to submit forms manually or electronically depending on your organisations needs and preferences.

In developing CIRT we understand that some organisations will prefer to use existing systems  whilst others may be ready to introduce new technology.




Hazard Report 

Hazard reporting is different to reporting an incident or near miss. A hazard report is a proactive approach by workers to identifying hazards, dangerous practices or equipment in the workplace. 







First Aid Risk Assessment

A first aid risk assessment will be undertaken at a minimum:

  • Annually
  • When additional employees or contractors are engaged
  • New building or renovations are undertaken
  • Changes to contracts

The first aid risk assessment identifies the risk of injury, previous hazards and informs the number of first aiders, first kits and modules that are maintained.





Administration Reports 

Want to keep all your existing records in one spot and access them online with all your policy and procedures. 

The administation and reports page provides you with as many or as little documetns as you would like to see at one time. 

This page is customised to your requirements.






Certification Requirements

Whether you have ISO 9001 or AS4801 certification or just want to manage continuous improvment or corrective actions.









I Want to Use Existing System

If you already have an existing system and you just want to make it more available to your staff and employees. 

CIRT can be customised to use your existing policy, procedures and templates. 








Tag and Test Records

Cant find the tag and test records when you need them.

CIRT will help you organise all your records into one location. 

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