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With increasing penalties for non compliance and  a rise in civil case loads in some areas, and some case types were becoming more complex and taking longer to resolve, 

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There is an increasing need for hotels to manage compliance and workers effectively to reduce the opportunity for breaches and injuries which can have financial and reputational damage on the hotel.

CIRT is an integrated online managed communication platform that will assist you to manage compliance.  That correct CIRT is a system that is managed for you so you don't need to worry.

Unlike others systems the benefits of CIRT is that we can provide you with the documents you need, or if you have your own we can incorporate them into the system for you.

CIRT is like having a virtual compliance and training coordinator.

Everything you need is available either on your phone, tablet or desktop.

If you need help all your need to do is give us a call and we will help you.

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Managing a hotels requires the licensee, owner or manager to juggle a number of roles including work health and safety, responsible service of alcohol, recruitment, induction and training. 

CIRT has been developed to reduce the pressure on hoteliers and allow flexiblity for reporting incidents, managing risk and training new staff. 

With the current COVID 19 crisis it is also critical to provide ongoing training and direction to staff to keep themsleves safe. 

This includes implementing COVID Safe plans and safety procedures for workers.

Jobs to be Done

Every business has a number of Jobs to be done. 

CIRT has been used by many business owners and workers over the last ten years to manage their jobs to be done and produce meaningful company information and data.

Having worked with different industries CIRT understands all of the unique factors that make this industry challenging. Our team have the experience necessary to provide a customised solution to support your business to make sure it is able to provide the best possible service to your clients and protect workers.

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