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CIRT Industries

CIRT Industries is the complete and full version of CIRT that is targeted and customised to your identified industry.  

CIRT is committed to providing you with a completely integrated system that can be managed  either completely by yourself or with the assistance of your CIRT team.  


Tailored Packages
Every industry will required different resources, assistance, and registrations. We are aware that not all business will require certain features, or do not have enough staff to justify certain features. Contact our CIRT Team today to have your CIRT system tailored to your own business requirements.  

Complete Features
Explore all there is to offer on CIRT with CIRT Industries without any  restrictions or interruptions 

Completely Customisable Experience
Upload any of your own branded documents, procedures, training, or policies. Contact our team to do it for you or create documents and forms for your business needs.  

Customer Support 
Our friendly team is always contactable within work hours and will solve any issues, concerns or queries in a timely manner for your convenience.  

Managed System 
If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, or don’t wish to, let us do it for you! The only HR integrated system that will manage your sites for you.  


CIRT has developed a number of packages to suit the needs of industries including:

Don’t see your industry here? Contact us today at and see how we can help you.


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