Lighthouse Futures

Lighthouse Futures

Shaun Deverson

For someone or something to be defined as eclectic is ‘ to derive ideas from a broad and varied range of sources’. 

To fulfil our purpose of simplifying sustainability and overcoming complexity, our eclectic team combines it’s broad qualifications, experiences, failures, successes, bad jokes and awful coffees across multiple markets and industries to deliver real transformation solutions with impact. 

As former military officers, engineers, trainers, business owners and entrepreneurs, our team and network have led teams, walked the walk, worked the coalface and earned every wrinkle and scar. 

We take our mission very seriously, organisational sustainability and complexity management is serious business, but we ultimately believe in having fun in everything we do and never taking ourselves too seriously.

Call us to discover how we’re a little different to everyone else, if even for a bad joke that’ll make your day!

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