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Policy and Procedures

Regardless of the type or size of business you operate, you will have  legislative requirements you must meet along with guidelines on how to protect your employees. Although, the type, size and structure of your business will determine how complicated your health and safety system will need to be.  

When developing your compliance documents, learning to understand the different levels of legislation is tough. The legislation levels are: 

  1. Act: A law made by parliament that can also be known as primary legislation. This is often the foundation for compliance. 
  2. Regulations: A law made under the authority of an Act of Parliament. These provide the detail of an act.  
  3. Code of Practice: These provide detailed information on how to achieve standards required under the work health and safety (WHS) laws.  
  4. Standards: These are published documents that lay out specifications and procedures to determine the safety, reliability, and consistent performance of  a product, service or system. Standards define quality and safety criteria.  

What do I need to know? 

When operating a business, you should have implemented policies, standard operating procedures (SOP), safe work procedures, and safe work method statements (SWMS). Our CIRT team will help you to implement each of these documents to ensure your business is operating safely and correctly. Should you not already have created these forms, our team is happy to create and manage them for you.  

Our forms include: 

Policies: A document that states what your organization would like to achieve and provides guidance to employees. Example policies would be bullying, discrimination and harassment, housekeeping etc.  

Standard Operating Procedure: Procedures that provide information on how general administration practices and processes will be carried out. These would include electrical safety, incident, injury and hazard reporting, and managing chemicals etc.  

Safe Work Procedure: These procedures teach workers to be aware of the risks that may occur in their tasks and educate them on how to avoid injury or illness while completing these tasks. These could include fire equipment, power and adaptors, computers and monitors etc.  

Safe Work Method Statements: These statements aim to help supervisors, workers and others at the workplace to understand the requirements that have been established to carry out the high-risk work in a safe manner.  

Interested to see how CIRT can assist your business? View the industries we operate in and our pricing page for more. 

Key Features


Access industry-ready policies, upload your own or chat with a team member to build one and manage it for you.

Standard Operating Procedure
Standard Operating Procedure

Help your employees carry out complex routine operations through our industry ready standard operation procedures, or talk with a team member to build one tailored to your business and brand.

Safe Work Procedures
Safe Work Procedures

Prevent injuries, reduce risks, and perform tasks safely with your industry-tailored safe work procedures.

Safe Work Method Statement
Safe Work Method Statement

Contact our team to create your site-specific safe work method statement to meet legal and compliance requirements.


Build, adhere to, and register plans through our easy reporting function.

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