Working Near Traffic or Mobile Plant OP_0511

DO NOT use this machine unless you have been authorised and instructed on its safe use and operation.

Potential Hazards

  • Operators being crushed by the powered mobile plant that may lose
  • Stability, e.g., rollover
  • Objects falling onto the powered mobile plant.
  • Other people being hit or crushed by powered mobile plant
  • Being hit by passing traffic

PPE and Equipment Required

  • Uniform
  • Security licence
  • Radio Communication
  • First aid kit
  • Site phone provided by the client
  • Wet Weather Protection
  • High visibility clothing should be worn at all times
  • CCTV (provided by client where possible)

Operational Safety Practice

  • Incident reporting of all incidents involving all related incidents. The incident reporting information should help provide methods of improving procedures for physical interventions.
  • Provision of first aid and other emergencies – consistent with the information contained in the security and safety risk assessment.
  • Ensure lighting conditions, weather protection, video and audio equipment is suitable and in good working order.


  • Company Induction is completed.
  • Site Induction is completed.
  • Site Risk assessment and Control plan are completed and submitted.
  • All staff to read client rules.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Appropriate staffing levels are provided.
  • Procedures set are in place relating to working near traffic or plant.

Training and Experience

  • Communication or appropriate provisions must be made for access to medical assistance. 
  • Where possible a traffic controllers course should be completed.
  • Caution at all times in relation to be aware of equipment working around you.