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Understanding the security Industry

The Security and Investigation sector includes those involved in the provision of private security and investigation services, technical security, and risk management.

Approximately 6,018 business were operating in this sector in 2018, with most businesses (81.3%) being small, local operators who sub-contract for larger businesses.

Three major operators in this industry account for approximately one fifth of industry revenue. There are licensing requirements for security occupations in all states and territories, which are generally linked to completion of vocational training.

Jobs to be Done

Every business has a number of Jobs to be done. 

CIRT has been used by many business owners and workers over the last ten years to manage their jobs to be done and produce meaningful company information and data.

Having worked with different industries CIRT understands all of the unique factors that make this industry challenging. Our team have the experience necessary to provide a customised solution to support your business to make sure it is able to provide the best possible service to your clients and protect workers.

For more information on all services available to businesses in the construction industry, contact us today.

People Management


Improving the quality of information and support for workers is critical to improving performance, productivity and profits for your business. To often business fail to provide quality policy and process to guide workers to complete their roles. Good communication strategies include:

  • Clear policy and procedures
  • Targeted work procedures and safe work method statements
  • Easy to use forms and checklists to gather and report information
  • Clear reports and data to make informed decisions for owners and managers.

Supporting People Performance

Supporting workers to do their jobs is critical to a safe and quality driven workplace. We know that competent and effective staff are the  combination of skill and knowledge. Provide quality processes and training is fundamental to achieving this. What can be missed if the need to check in on workers and provide regular touch points or conversations about how they are feeling and coping in the workplace.  Supporting people and documenting these conversations and support can make the difference between a good worker and an outstanding performer.

Online Training

One of those jobs to be done is to that many business owners become frustrated is developing and training workers and then losing them or not having the budget to train everyone.  Training requirements range from

Emergency evacuation, managing hazards, chemical management, workplace violence and managing performance to name a few. To make your job easier CIRT includes these units and many more. Workers are able to gain access to training on their phones, tablets or computer. If you have your own training, it can be included in CIRT and you maintain ownership. Training data can be easily retrieved and reports provided on individual workers, areas and locations.

Consultation with workers

Another job to be done is to consult with your workers through by either having :

  • Health and Safety Representatives
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Alternative Arrangement

For many business owners the first two options are not practical so conducting regular toolbox talks to talk with workers to identify concerns and hazards and provide guidance on how to do work safe and effective is important. CIRT has a number of easy to use toolbox talks to provide you guidance on talking to workers and completing the records you need if called upon to provide evidence of consultation.

Keeping employees and clients safe is a critical component of any construction service risk assessment.

Compliance Management

A job to be done that many business owners and managers hate is managing compliance and risk. CIRT is a managed system so you don't have to do the doing, that our job. We take the pain and frustration away. You can use your own documents or use ours or both. Either way once the document are in the system you can choose to update them or we can do it for you. Depending on how much time or staff you have you can choose your preference. If let us manage them for you documents will be updated with relevant legislation, codes of practice changes and version control. All you will have to do is sign off on the documents a d we will do the rest.

Inducting Workers and Contractors

One of those jobs to be done effectively is inducting new workers and contractors. Many principal contractors are now using services like CM3, Avetta and IPRO live to manage their subcontractors. One of the jobs to be done when submitting information to become verified by CM3 to provide the relevant data in regards to records of induction or onboarding. See example questions .....

Worker and Contractor Management

Another job to be done us managing workers and contractors licences, qualifications and insurances. For business owners to do everything reasonably practical and appropriate due diligence before employment is to gather the required documents and certificates. It is also critical to be able to report and gather data quickly so this information can be used for protecting the business from a dispute against unfair dismissal or personal injury claim.

Ensuring your site is a safe and secure place to work is an essential aspect of the caring for your staff and customers.

Work Health and Safety

Changes to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW) (WHS Act) have introduced new offences, harsher penalties and expanded existing offences in response to concerns about workplace fatalities in NSW. Queensland now has Industrial Manslaughter offences for directors and officers of business.

CIRT helps you make sure that your business's WHS obligations are always properly completed and you have piece of mind from receiving breaches or penalties.

Managing hazardous Chemicals

One of those frustrating jobs to be done in a business and often overlooked in the business is the management of hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Work Health and Safety legislation requires that safety data sheets (SDS) are maintained for all hazardous chemicals in the workplace and that workers are aware of the requirements of SDS and how to read one.

Managing Assets

Another job to be done that can be time consuming is managing assets. Having operational assets are great when they are working and compliant but as soon as one breaks down due to poor servicing or maintenance, then it can become costly to the business. Some assets require registration and others require specific service requirements.  

Risk Management

Managing risk is another job to be done by the business owner. In the current and ever changing world a term it is becoming more complex to run a business and keep up to date with all the legislative and practical requirements.  A term given to understanding the complexity of todays business world is VUCA. VUCA stands for:

  • Volatile
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Ambiguous

CIRT provides a number of functions to assist you in managing the risk in your business including:

Because of this VUCA environment the requirements of principles contractors and some clients are becoming more and more complicated. The job to be done in managing compliance requirements can include:

Contractor Compliance

A number of organisations are now using third party prequalification organisations such as CM3, Avetta and IPro live to name a few. Organisations like Lendlease, Honeywell and other larger groups now require compliance with these systems before or within a short period of time being awarded a contract or work order. CIRTs contractor management module helps you to manage contractor compliance by managing documents, conversations and licence expiration. 

International Certification

Similar to third party prequalification another job to be done if you are looking to grow your business may be the need for an international certification such as Quality Management (ISO 9001) or Environmental Management (ISO 14001). This types of certifications require organisations to have management systems in place that are certified and then every 12 months external auditors will audit your system to confirm that you are following and implementing your system. CIRT helps you to keep the records you require so when audit time comes around, you can simply pass over access to your auditor to review your data from internal audits to continuous improvement.

Managing your business risk

A major job to be done in any business is to manage your business risks. Risk is often used in the wrong context. Depending on the complexity of the business owner have a number of risks to manage. To name a few include:

  • Financial
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Legislative
  • Reputational
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS)

A simple injury on the job at a high profile client site could result in a workers compensation claim for you but could also involve other workers who aren't your responsibility but result in a fine from SafeWork (financial),  time of by the worker (financial and WHS) and potentially removal from site or loss of contract (reputational, financial, HR).

CIRT provides you with a mechanism to identify your risks though the risk register and then thinking about how to manage them in a systematic way.

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