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Safe Work Method Statements

If you work in the construction industry you are required to have safe work method statements (SWMS) for the eighteen (18) risk category construction tasks that include:

  • Working at Heights
  • Working with asbestos
  • Diving
  • Working at heights

Depending on the principal contractor or organisation you contract or subcontract to you may be required to have SWMS for all of your activities.

The focus of the swms is to provide specific procedures to safety undertake the identified high risk work category.

For example working at heights. The swms will focuss on setting up a ladder or elevated work platform. The swms should not include information on how to get to site, setting up the work site or taking a meal break.

The purpose of a swms is to identify the job steps to complete the high risk activity, the hazards associated with the task (there may be multiple) and the control measures to reduce the risk.

Safework NSW recommends keeping swms as simple as possible so that the document is easy to read (think about the audience eg your workers or subcontracts) and their literacy level or ability to understand the document.

Remember if a worker has an accident and gets injured you may be investigated by the regulator or worse case scenario is provide the documents to the court.

If you are required to be CM3 certified the  your SWMS must be reviewed and signed off by all relevant workers every 12 months.

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