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Forklifts (also called industrial lift trucks) are used to lift, transfer loads and stack items in warehouses and storage areas.

Every year forklifts cause workplace deaths and injuries resulting in substantial financial and human costs for workers, industry and the community.

As stated by SafeWork NSW there are three main reasons workers are killed or seriously injured in forklift incidents are:

  • being hit or crushed by a forklift
  • being hit or crushed by a load that the forklift is moving
  • being crushed in a forklift tip-over.

Some practical tips to help keep workers safe are:

  • separate people from moving forklifts, using barriers or guardrails
  • if you cannot physically separate forklifts from people, clearly mark walkways and safe work zones, and make sure your workers stick to them
  • make sure forklift operators only move loads that are stable on the pallet or use an attachment if needed
  • make sure your forklift operators wear a seat belt
  • make sure your workers and visitors, including delivery drivers, stick to your traffic management plan and site safety rules
  • talk to all of your workers - including operators and those who work near forklifts - about how to work safely around forklifts.

Forklift incidents can be prevented, especially when workers and businesses work together to improve health and safety at work.

Licence Requirements

A high risk work licence is required to drive a forklift. 

A high risk licence is valid for five years. 

How to Check a Forklift licence?

If you are unsure if your workers licence is current in NSW you can use this link to confirm

Forklift Safety

Not sure what you require for forklift safety. 

Review the following SafeWork NSW video.


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