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Kathy Clarkson

Kathy Clarkson (Consultant) – Kathy has been working in the HSEQ and HR space for over 15 years in the mining, manufacturing, automotive and construction industries. Kathy has extensive experience and an operational understanding of the risks and processes required to maintain a safe working environment. She is people focused and has a passion for ensuring effective consultation mechanisms are in place.

This will ensure people reach their full potential both individually, as well as a part of a highly productive team through safety engagement and awareness.  

The areas that Kathy can support your business in are:

CIRT System 

  • Contribute to the development and continuous improvement of standards, policies and systems pertaining to WHS using hands on experience and knowledge.
  • Work with new businesses to so they understand that CIRT is systematic and comprehensive process for managing safety risks that enables them to meet their legislative requirements as well as keeping their employees safe.  Ensure an understanding that CIRT provides for planning, training, goal setting as well as measuring performance.
  • Determining and providing on-going hands-on assistance to current CIRT users with guidance and support to the businesses’ operational management regarding the implementation and maintenance of WHS requirements. 
  • Liaise with current and new businesses in relation to setting goals and actions regarding their H&S priorities.

Technical Expertise

  • Provide technical expertise and support in understanding and complying with applicable state H&S legislation.
  • Stay abreast of legal requirements and advise appropriate businesses of existing requirements or pending changes that may pose a material impact on their operations.

Communication and Consultation

  • Facilitate communication initiatives within businesses to maintain focus on pertinent WHS priorities and initiatives.
  • Assist businesses with facilitating the communication of H&S information between Management and the workers i.e. consultation forums, safety alerts and toolbox talks.
  • Assist businesses to build and enhance their relationships with local regulators where required.
  • Planning & Strategy 
  • Work with businesses to develop H&S strategic plans and formulate concise agreed action plans to be able to implement the plan. 
  • Assist with periodic review of the action plan and assist with any ongoing changes as required.

Site Audits & Inspections

  • Assist businesses to undertake regular inspections of sites to verify risk controls are effective, that initiatives are implemented and that risk management practices are continuously improved.
  • Participate and assist businesses to set up audit and review programs as required.
  • Assist businesses to put processes in place to monitor the completion of corrective and preventive actions across Sites.
  • Assist businesses to identify and promote multi-site improvements where required.

Mentoring for Business Owners and Managers 
(Walk the Talk)

  • Work with business owners and Managers to align H&S priorities and responsibilities and come up with initiatives that support these.
  • Provide face-to face and remote on-going and regular support to business owners and Managers as is required. 
  • Work with businesses to coach line management in H&S leadership behaviours and activities.
  • Assist businesses to promote H&S objectives, targets and focus areas during regular site visits and attendance at meetings and toolbox talks.

Incident/Injury Management and Investigations

  • Assist businesses with setting up incident/incident management procedures and processes and where required provide hand-on assistance with managing injuries.
  • Lead/participate in the investigation of regulator reportable H&S incidents  
  • As directed by Corporate, lead investigations and contribute to the identification of recommendations to prevent recurrence.
  • Put together safety alerts regarding incidents and injuries that occur.

Analysis and Reporting

  • Assist business to set up system to analyse H&S performance data, statistics and information to enable the business to interpret data and report on H&S trends.
  • Work with businesses to champion the use of the CIRT system.


  • Work with businesses to design and implement training initiatives and programs and coordinate and provide training as required.
  • Assist businesses with training needs analysis and planning.

Employee Health and Wellness Support

  • Work with businesses to identify and come up with initiatives, policies and procedures around employees general health and wellness i.e. mental health, smoking, maintaining a healthy weight etc.

Human Resources Support

  • Work with business regarding people and issues such as compensation and benefits, recruiting and hiring employees, onboarding employees, performance management, training, and organisation development and culture.

The words I attribute to what I do is as below:

  • Key / Consultation /Solutions / Engagement / Awareness / Wellness / Mentoring / Training / Guidance / Walk the Talk / Communication / Ownership/ Safer Today / Responsibility / Teamwork / Culture / Priorities / Health

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