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Mind Your Ps

Jo Hanlon

Leadership & Advisory, Heart & Values based Culture, Performance & Mindset Coach and Consultant

Contact me for:

  • Mindset management in times of crisis or stress: increased self-awareness and self-management
  • Guidance and information on managing staff in a crisis: Employer and employee rights, obligations and entitlements
  • Maintaining productivity whilst working from home: connected, engaged and performing
  • Strategies to keep your workplace culture and values alive

Because YOU are at the centre of your business whether a sole-preneur or employer, it's key to have a helpful mindset and having a committed person or team of people who can act as a sounding board may be the difference between you remaining sane or not! Well you can relax, help is at hand and believe me, reaching out for help is a real act of Bravery because we all need a helping hand at times no matter how much we actually do or think, we know!

Many business owners and leaders have a real passion for and single focus on their business but can find it hard to remain aligned and in balance, especially when it comes to dealing with other people. When it goes wrong things can go rapidly pear shaped, affecting your own, your team and your business performance, engagement, culture and behaviours, and to add further complexity in this compliance heavy employment market, running a business can be lonely and at times scary causing uncertainty and doubt, especially when you have the added responsibility of staff in a time of crisis.

At times like this, it’s even more important than ever to know someone has your back, especially when you need to have difficult conversations, make hard choices and decisions and want to do this not just legally, but also from your heart with compassion and care.

I am passionate about helping people who are committed to taking action, who truly care about themselves, their team and their business and want to do this using a blend of head, heart and intuition, by using holistic and heart based coaching, mentoring and business advisory with individuals, teams and SME’s.                                                                 


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