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Leadership and Performance Partners

We understand the barriers that managers face along the path to leadership and the risks to businesses who don’t focus on developing the people at the helm of their organisation.

Our facilitators have 50 years of combined experience working with businesses across Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Sydney, Central Coast, Central West NSW, North West NSW and many other areas of Australia spanning government bodies, the private sector, large organisations and small business.

We have developed and delivered training programs that propel new and experienced leaders in their career and improve individual, team and business performance.

Rather than provide a one-size-fits-all solution, we tailor our leadership development solutions for our clients.

We believe creating a unique program for your business, team or for you, as an individual, ensures you get the most out of your investment.

Ross Grace – Partner & Facilitator

Ross draws on his real-life experience in leadership and management to empower others through our programs. Ross has 25 years
of experience in the NSW Police Force, in which he was the Senior Hostage Negotiator for the Newcastle area and a Senior Supervisor for the Special Weapons and Operations Squad (SWOS).

He is an expert in dealing with high-risk conflict and has led and trained teams in successfully resolving high risk policing incidents. Ross’ successful career led him to become a Detective Chief Inspector and hold a senior managerial position within NSW Police that saw him manage corporate change and responsibility for a command of 250 staff. (For more)

Mark Maguire – Partner & Facilitator

Mark’s background working in high risk environments where effective leadership was essential to deliver operational outcomes makes him more than qualified to help others evolve into great leaders.

Mark’s first exposure to leadership was in the NSW Police, leading surveillance teams working in the complex area of covert police operations. As a Sergeant, he moved on to run larger uniformed teams at Local Area Commands for several years, and gained sought-after experience as a member of senior management teams. He has a successful history running small to large scale operations, liaising with corporate partners, managing people performance and developing training programs. (for more) 

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