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Chemical Management

Managing chemicals can be very simple for some businesses such as cafes, retail stores and consulting businesses. This said, businesses like clubs, manufacturing and construction can have significantly more complex needs.  

Regardless of the complexity, the business owner must manage the risk associated with hazardous chemical. For some business owners, this may be as simple as selecting chemicals for use in the workplace that isn't hazardous such as simple soaps, hand wash or storing household quantities of hazardous chemicals such as weed killer, heavy-duty cleaners and fuel. 

Either way, the business must be aware of these responsibilities, which could be storing chemicals safely, gathering safety data sheets and training workers in their use and potentially installing purpose-built cupboards, developing specific emergency or safety plans, and informing various government departments. 

Code provides guidance on how to manage the risks associated with hazardous chemicals in the workplace by following a systematic process that involves:  

  • Identifying hazards 
  • If necessary, assessing the risks associated with these hazards 
  • Eliminating or minimising the risks by implementing and maintaining control measures 
  • Reviewing control measures to ensure they are effective. 

When managing risk, regard must be had to the following factors:  

  • The hazardous properties of the chemical 
  • Any potentially hazardous reaction (chemical or physical) between the chemical and another substance or mixture, including a substance that may be generated by the reaction 
  • The nature of the work to be carried out with the hazardous chemical 
  • Any structure, plant or system of work that: is used in the handling, generation or storage of the hazardous chemical and could interact with the hazardous chemical at the workplace. 

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Key Features

Safe Work Procedures
Safe Work Procedures

Access our industry ready safe work procedures, or consult with a CIRT team member to design and upload your own.

Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

Store critical information about hazardous materials, such as chemicals, and be notified of their upcoming expiry.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment

Undergo a guided risk assessment, or perform your own, and log and store all necessary data for retrieval if necessary.

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